The topography of Chonburi contain a mix of up to 5 both plains and undulating hills. The coastal plain Bang Pakong River basin Steep and mountainous areas Including many large and small islands, undulating plains and hills of the eastern province of Chonburi found. Bang Bung,Panatnikorm, NhongYai, Siracha,Banglamung,Sattahip and Bo Thong area looks like xylophones rise.

                Currently, this area was mostly used in the cultivation of cassava for the coastal plain . It was found from the mouth of the Bang Pa Kong river to Sattahip A narrow coastal plains A small mountain Some switch is next to the river 's wetlands suitable for agriculture. The mountain was steep and the central and eastern provinces. Since Muang Ban Racha Yai and gold mine in Sriracha, then, some of the water of the reservoir . One of the main water supply, Chonburi.

                Chonburi province has a long coastline of 160 kilometers dented crooked beautiful. A rocky cliff Long sandy beaches , mangrove forests, beaches,bays,etc.,many of which can be developed into a marina, as well as cover waves Sattahip naval port for the island so there are no less than 46 major islands. Such as  Koh Si Chang island, Koh Kang Kwaw ,Koh Rin, Koh Phai, Koh Loy, Koh Krok, Koh Sak , Koh Kham Koh Samaesarn and Koh Kram in the Admiralty district of Sattahip. A breeding ground and nursery for sea turtles , rare and endangered species of Thailand. On these islands act as natural barriers . Prevents wind Chonburi rarely make big waves . Unlike Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trat is typically larger waves . For this reason, the coast of the City harbor is filled with fishing boats. And the right to build a large commercial port, including ports and so on.

                Such varied terrain Chonburi preach to the development activities have continued . Be it agriculture, industry, commerce, tourism. And convenient transportation

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