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They broke in my Cave Beach to the west. A large seaside rocks. And watch the beautiful sunsets.

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Within the Gulf ASADANG The west side of the shrine A wide beach White sand beach Clean and has a curved bay. North Beach is the cave had collapsed (Cape Rama) south as Cape doll. There is also a popular place for fishing. And the sunset With the jet ski Banana Boat tubing, kayaking and snorkeling.

Open to all No admission fee


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Located on the Drug Summit. The port sorts on the north side of the shrine. Where the Chinese domestic and international respect. In particular, trade and jobs. This shrine is the Cathedral of China. He is the godfather inside. He also firmly enshrined mogul lull. Guanyin Buddha kaj and the gods offered. Stairs lead up to the temple, a dragon above the cave. If the view from his shrine. It overlooks the harbor of the shrine as well.

Open to all No admission fee

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High up on top of him with his shrine. King 5 and Att invited to be enshrined. And watch the sea surrounding the shrine.

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The only Palace in Thailand that is situated on an island enriched with historical stories. It was built as the summer residence for King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) with stunning landscape similar to royal gardens in the western country Palace. Nowadays the palace is transformed into a museum of the ancients and is a historial tourist attraction. In front of the entrance situated Chon Thassana Sathan Museum which displays exhibition about ecology and marine resources of Koh Si Chang.

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Details on the island, offers a host of tourists (Homestay) or bungalows and a popular fishing spot.

Located approximately 500 meters away from the shrine.


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