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Pattaya Music Festival or The Grand Pattaya International Music Festival (The Grand Pattaya International Music Festival) is an annual music festival in Pattaya. It began in 2545 and is considered to have been successful in the past. The intention is to raise up to international development.

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Songkran day and some flow into the San Suk was traditionally practiced since ancient consecutive originally called "merit" flow because April is the hottest time of the year. Ancient people thought stratagem to splashing water. And also the New Year in Thailand.

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Bun Bang quack and basketry. It is a long tradition of Sattahip District. Part of descent from the LAO immigrants from Laos in the early Rattanakosin period. The locals will bring food to share merit. The charity dedicated to giving you the spirit. Bedeviled And the souls of deceased relatives.

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This is a yearly event at the nationals in Chonburi province joint contact since a Buddhist procession 2475 (1932) XI hing. Town of Chonburi, which enshrined at the Tower in front of the City Hall. Along the road, people have to worship. It also included red cross Festival and come together.

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