A tradition of Chonburi. Held in October of each year. In addition, at Chonburi district also arranged in a similar period in Banbung. Nong Yai On the eve of tenders Farmers will decorate their buffalo beautifully with satin colors. And the buffalo gathered in front of City Hall. The buffalo race Buffalo Health Contest Buffalo decoration contest beauty pageant "sister Na" and so on.

Favors middle and wickerwork Bang. It is a long tradition of Sattahip District. Which will be held in about 3-6 months (Thailand) by the senate or the house is yours, will be determined on merit and ritual to exorcise. The peacefulness of the House ceremony to share a meal and toys.

It is tradition that the men happy. Has been practiced since ancient times was called merit flow was at a meeting in the village. Acquired merit together during Songkran Festival or New Year in Thailand. All measurements are invited by the parish priest is happy ceremonial bathing merit. After that, it is an activity forming pagoda splashing water sports, games and music.

Sriracha is the ancient traditions of the people of Thailand. Present in Sriracha Maintaining this tradition. It is held every 19-21 April every year banquet in front of Wat Si. And at Koh Loy events will. Accompanied by a procession led by a group of elders and other agencies in the dress in Thailand, home to join the procession. An offering and a sacrifice to demonstrate traditional stack. Folk dance demonstrations and selling desserts. Food, etc.

Held in mid-April of each year. In order to promote tourism and the city's reputation. The procession is adorned with beautiful flowers. The pageant in Pattaya Sporting folk Thailand Water sports competitions Sand castle contest, fireworks and fireworks at sea. Cultural show, exhibition and sale of souvenirs.

Enough to April The weather in Thailand is very hot. But ancient people understand that the summer festival. And holding a New Year's Day in Thailand. Festival in the central 13-14-15 often played together during the month of April. In the East, it is different from another. Starts splashing water about 16 or 17-18-19 April by calling it a "date" flow.

For Pattaya Is scheduled to run in the April 19 of each year, with activities such as paying homage ceremony. Flow Day parade The playfully splash of residents and tourists, both foreign and Thailand.

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