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                Built on the 31st September 1978, this temple had its original name as Wat Bangraek after the name of Phraya Graek, a nobleman who came to hide in this area during the war. Later on, Department of Religious Affairs changed the name, according to the resolution of Sangha Supreme Council of Thailand, to Wat Santkham, meaning the village of peace and happiness.

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 This temple is almost 200 years old. It was built since 2389 B.E. and there was a story saying that a monk who went on pilgrimage from Korat Province, name Master Dee. During his visit, there were a number of villagers felt faithful, so they helped building a temple after his name, Noppha Thongdee

Pripheutaram. But, until these days, they still called as Wat Poung after sub-district’s name. Besides, the holy image of Master Dee, another famous master is the master Chom who was an expert in magic and although he pass away for 13 years, his body was mummified. Therefore, people still can visit and worship him, while reminding of his good deeds.

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It was built in 2186 B.E. with local faith who gave their land and it was royally granted on 5th May 2245 B.E. There is 29 rai of area and people like to pray respect the master Kaan’s mummified body in the monastery which was attractively decorated, and this was built for reminding master Kaan or Phra Krue Phratrara Kritvibul who was a very well-known developer as well as a monk who had mercy to exercise people. He had both local and foreign followers. 

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                It was originally a tropical forest which hosted numerous animals and there was a belief saying that more than 70 years ago it was a holy place as the premise of Phoi Ngen Phoi Thong Goddess who was looking after the forest and protecting it from invaders. Until 2527 B.E. when the master Soth Dammasaro, the first abbot, asked a house spirit to build the place and let the villagers to built this into the house of priest. It was a 6 rai area as well as the belonging of Satthaheep Naval base and this was also the strategic point of military map. This is also the boundary with Huay Yai sub-district.

Direction : automobile are inaccessible. Only means to transport is cycling or on foot.

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                Its original name was Wat Nok, but it was changed to be related to Wat Nhong Gate Yai which was located in the same area, which was built in 2455 B.E. by the master Winai Sakorn or Sai who was the previous abbot. It was renovated by other master until the land was royally granted on 24th September 2521 B.E. This was well known as the master Sai Chantasaro was regarded as a magician who was expertise in blessing lucky charms, such as tiger forehead, metal amulet, and talisman.


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It was built in 2435 B.E. and later the land was royally granted on 7th August 2499 B.E. which its architecture was beautiful and other holy object such as a pagoda that contains holy relics, the viharn of Luang Tia, and the Brama which was respectful to tourists. Besides, there is also dhamma school and a Buddhism learning centre in every Sunday.

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