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                Following the Thai Forest Tradition and the teachings of Ajahn Bhuridatto, This temple is located in isolation and surrounded by three mountains and abundant forest. Here, it is peaceful so it is suitable for anyone who wanted to learn dhamma and practice meditation. Its original name was Wat Trok Sueng which was an ancient village and it was just a house of priest at that time. There were only a small compartment and a few monks living there. The current name was called by locals as the temple had a roof-like-boat, so called in Thai as Pratun, so the name was changed in 2543 B.E since. At that time, another well-known Buddhist master, Aonsri Thanwaro, was relocated here as a chief of monks. Furthermore, besides he was a model of meditation for medal development, he also initiated other development project as a foundation for the next generational though he pass away since 2551 B.E. Currently, the master Yuthana Akayuthano is the abbot who succeeded these projects.

                Phra Maha Chedi-Ubosot This is another project that the master Aonsri had left for the next generation. Originally, when he did meditation he often had auspice that he saw a light beam moving around so he had recognized that the current location was previous location of a small Buddha’s relics but it was lost by that time. Therefore, in 2549 B.E. the Chedi was to build hosting the relics after it was given by the Supreme Patriarch.

                Phra Maha Chedi-Ubosot is specially designed to have a chedi covering an octagon monastery on the top of it. Inside it was a contemporary design. The principle Buddha was located there and this was an imaitation of Phra Buddha Shinnasee as well as the statue image of the master Aonsri Thanwaro and his ashes. For those who are interested in dhamma and medication they can visit anytime. For women, they will be under super vision of nuns, while men will be supervised by monks. The abbot will come out daily for dhamma discussion after the breakfast.

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Built in 2530 B.E. “Anek Kuson Sala” is the name given by His Majesty the King. It is also locally known as “Viharn Sien”. Chinese arts and architecture was perfectly combined with high class Thai and Chinese arts. Its building in Chinese style. There was also a huge three storeyed building and other attractively decorated pavilions around it. Inside, there are 328 lists of Thai and Chinese valuable items in the collection such as, the large statue of Goddess of Mercy made of white jade, clay soldiers and bronze horse carts from Chin Zi Emperor’s mausoleum, the emperor golden throne, and ancient Chinese paintings.

Direction : Before reaching Wat Yannasang Wararam about 500 meters turn left into reservoir and drive further from the district office about 800 meters.

Time : Mon-Fri from 08.30-17.30

Sat-Sun open till 17.30

Fee : 50 bath

Tel : 0 3823 8367, 0 3823 5250

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Worship the holy relics of Buddha and other Buddhist masters

This is one of the first three of highest ranked royal monasteries of His Majesty the King Rama IX. It was established in 2519 B.E. by Doctor Khajorn and the lady, Nithawadee Antrakarn who donated their land to the abbot of Wat Bavornivej Viharn, the late supreame Patriarch, Phra Yannasangworn. Therefore, the monastery had been named after him. In 2525 B.E. this monastery had become under the King’s patronage.

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รายละเอียด มีมณฑปประดิษฐานรอยพระพุทธบาทจำลองบนเชิงเขามีสิ่งก่อสร้างอาคารทรงยุโรป และมีอาคารหลายหลังที่มีอายุเกือบ 100 ปี มีพรพุทธไสยาสน์ตั้งอยู่บนยอดเขา และมีหอระฆังที่สามารถชมทิวทัศน์ได้

ที่ตั้ง  ตั้งอยู่บน ถ.สุขุมวิทด้านซ้ายมือก่อนจะถึงตัวเมืองชลบุรี 2 กิโลเมตร อยู่ติดกองพันราบที่ 3

เวลาเปิด - ปิด  06:00 – 18:00 ไม่เสียค่าเข้าชม




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