With the area of 366 rai and support by the King’s patronage and many of faithful donors, this place was magnificent decorated with sacred objects. There are also the King’s initiative projects, such as agricultural training and development, animal and forestry conservation, and meditation center for anyone who is interested.

The monastery is modification of a monastery of Wat Bavornivej Viharn. The principle Buddha image is situated inside the monastery and it was named as “Somdej Phra Buddha Naraesuan” which the Buddha holy relics are on the top. The principle Buddha image was build to devote for Kin Naraesuan the Great, while the monastery was built to devote to King Taksin the Great.

Phra Boroma That Chedi Maha Chakri Phiphat is the large pagoda with the 39 meters height and its base was a 39 meters width. This Majesty the King named this as it mens the pagoda that contains the Buddha’s relics for Chakri Dynasty’s prosperity. This was build to devote for the first king of Chakri Dynasty, King Rama I, and other royal families. Furthermore, Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Boromarajajonani (the current King’s mother) was also the patronage of the place. There are also other holy relics of other Buddhist masters, such as Anon, Saleebutra, Mokkanlana, Kwampati and the others here.

Phra Maha Mondop Phra Buddha Bath The two storeyed mondop is located on top of Khao Kaew which is the presence of Buddha’s footprint which was crafted on the rock. This mondop was decorated by golden mosaics which were given by the Royal Highness Princess Sirinthorn once these mosaics were removed from a pagoda in Wat Prasri Rattana Sassadaram (Wat Phra kaew).

The mondop was built as additional good deed which is to be accumulated to His Majesty the King’s and Queen great merit. Thus, the royal cypher and the royal designation were permitted to inscribe on the mondop.

International Pavilion They are seven small pavilions located along Maab Fug Thong reservoir. Each pavilion shows its Buddhist architecture of each country; central Thailand pavilion, Thai-Lanna pavilion, Chinese pavilion with dragon roof, Chinese pavilion with swan roof, western pavilion, Indian pavilion and Japanese pavilion. Each pavilion has swimming dragon as a symbol referring to the King’s divine grace to the civilians. So, these pavilions are also called as swimming dragon pavilions.

Direction : drive to Sukhumvit towards south Pattaya to 160 km. Try to look for the sign to turn left to Wat Yannasang Wararam. If drive to Bypass Road No. 36 when about to reach the big bridge, make a U-turn and drive forwards to Sattaheep. Turn to routh No. 331 and drive further about 15 minutes you will see the sign indicating you to turn right.

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