Built in 2530 B.E. “Anek Kuson Sala” is the name given by His Majesty the King. It is also locally known as “Viharn Sien”. Chinese arts and architecture was perfectly combined with high class Thai and Chinese arts. Its building in Chinese style. There was also a huge three storeyed building and other attractively decorated pavilions around it. Inside, there are 328 lists of Thai and Chinese valuable items in the collection such as, the large statue of Goddess of Mercy made of white jade, clay soldiers and bronze horse carts from Chin Zi Emperor’s mausoleum, the emperor golden throne, and ancient Chinese paintings.

Direction : Before reaching Wat Yannasang Wararam about 500 meters turn left into reservoir and drive further from the district office about 800 meters.

Time : Mon-Fri from 08.30-17.30

Sat-Sun open till 17.30

Fee : 50 bath

Tel : 0 3823 8367, 0 3823 5250

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