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Details of the City is the most popular beach activities such as swimming, sunbathing, riding a banana boat ride, jet skiing, cycling licked by the beach.

The Bangsaen Beach. Happy., Muang. Buri.

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Details Von Napa Beach - Sunset Pier and watch some of the traditional way of life, Pier Won Napa - the dawn will bring the fish to the boat at the jetty. And at night there are many restaurants along the beach.

The Bangsaen Beach. Happy., Muang. Buri.

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Details of the temple monks and Buddha shrine to pay homage to the three-bay. It is believed that the goddess three-bay provides protection from harm, especially to catch fish in the sea. And yet it is the most beautiful scenic spots in the city overlooking the town and sea Chonburi because some have.

Location of a stone along Highway 3134 to cover at 3 kilometers of hilly semi spread between a rock and beach houses some delicious. City.

 Open - Close Goddess Trinity Bay, China, 06:00 to 18:00, his three-bay can be visited at any time.

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Description The Ring is the perfect statement to loosen the sea and fishing for many people.

Location in. Happy., Muang. Buri.

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It is an ancient and significant temple of Mueang Chon Buri, influenced by the late Ayutthaya architectural style. The Ubosot was built in its jukn-bottom curve base and displays superb and beautiful mural paintings inside. The Buddha image at the temple, Luang Por Choei, is highly revered and believed to be sacred by the locals.

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Thepsathit Phra Kiti ChalermChinese Shrine or Najasataisue Shrine is one of the biggest and most exquisite Chinese shrine in Chonburi. The inside part of the shrine is decorated dazzlingly with Chinese architecture and installed with many Chinese gods and as much as 2,840 dragon sculptures. There are also all 60 sculptures of Tai Suai E God (god who protects the stars of human horoscope) for believers to worship as in ancient tradition. From the upper part of the shrine, one can see stunning sea view. Opposite to the shrine is the sculpture of Guan Im Goddess with Thousand Hands for anyone to worship.

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